Peachy Box Has Launched & Here's What to Expect

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Peachy Box, an online subscription brand that runs a monthly shipment of clean, chic, and trendy products to the new it girls around the world has launched!

So What Is It Again, Exactly? 

Peachy Box is a beautifully lifestyle themed box of lady goodies! This could range from eye mask, to candles, to lip sticks, to nail polish, or the lastest coffee scrubs! I know you’re thinking, but I could just go out and buy my own nail polish and all those other things. Maybe, but not exactly. Peachy Box saves you time by having it shipped right to your door step. While, also saving you the hassle of you potentially hating the products. You see, Peachybox tries and reviews everything first! This ensure’s the highest  customers satisfaction for their subscribers. Let’s just say Peachy Box is one of a kind and right on time! Cont’ reading to find out how

Peachy Box shows subscribers what to expect via instagram

How Are They Different?

Well, Peachy Box goes on an in-depth hunt to bring you - hopefully - unique brands you have never heard of, but are rich in quality! Then, they quilt together a themed collection just for that month. So, you can rest assured that in some way all of your items are relative to one another. This makes for the perfect gift for either yourself or a friend. Lastly, it starts at only $20 dollars a month, plus free shipping! Do we need to say more? This is what they call in the bargain world, “a Steal.”

Okay, I’m in, but Who’s Shopping for the Box?

The Georgia brand has a culturally ambiguous background. The two women behind the brand have roots in New York, South Korea, California, and Georgia. Their expertise entails New York’s FIT knowledge, environmental friendly passions, and pure authentic style.

So How Do I Sign Up?

Just visit their site at and subscribe!

Also, be sure to follow @xoPeachyBox on instgram and twitter to see what each months box will contain next!

Unitl next time… xoxo

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Rivers Et Roses: the clean, dual-purpose candle

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