June 2017: Life is Peachy


Peaches are fresh, juicy, and full of valuable nutrients. We like to think we're pretty fresh, too, + hopefully full of valuable tips and tricks. 😉 So for our very first box, we thought, why not make it all about us? Consider it an introduction to everything we are, and everything we strive to be. After all, we are Peachy.

Life is Peachy is our ideal aesthetic. It's fresh, it's carefree, and it's full of summer vibes. Who doesn't love a subtle hint of blush thanks to warm summer rays? Who doesn't love the smell of sweetness + fresh summer fruit? Well, we certainly do + we hope you do, too.


W h a t ' s  i n s i d e ?

Glamfox Fleurissant Lip Glow

This jelly lipstick features gold flakes, flower essence and a real dried flower in the center. The color of the lipstick adjusts to the pH of your skin, and leaves your lips feeling soft & moisturized. 

Retail Value: $20

Design Works Ink Note Card

Your box will include a blank card & envelope from Design Works Ink. Each card features metallic embellishments & a marbled pattern. Perfect for a heartfelt thank you, or just to tell your mom you miss her.

Retail Value: $13 (for a set of 12)

Puffy Panda Stickers

These adorable puffy stickers feature the cutest lil’ pandas. Perfect for decorating notes, cards & so much more! There are two different styles of stickers - which one made it home to you?

Retail Value: $2

HOLIKA Holika Pig Nose Pore Strip

This 3-step kit is perfect for pore control.  The first step opens your pores, which allows for the easy removal of blackheads. The second step removes the blackheads. The third step minimizes the appearance of pores.

Retail Value: $3

Dear Laura pa. Nail Polish

pa. nail polish is made by Dear Laura and is described as being “for the cutie girls who want to become lovely.” You’ll find a randomly SELECTED color in a pink to peach shade in your box. (2 if you have a Bellini.) 

Retail Value: $4 ea.

PureSmile Choosy Lip Mask

PureSmile’s CHOOSY face masks were designed specifically for the lips. They’re both hydrating & moisturising, and sure to leave your lips feeling soft. We’ve included the Peach scent in your box.

Retail Value: $3.50

PureSmile Essence Face Mask

PureSmile face masks come in a wide variety of essences, scents, & serums. Each sheet mask will leave your face glowing! You’re sure to fall in love with the one in your box. 

Note: only available in the Bellini box

Retail Value: $3.75

Esfolio Peach Hand Cream

This Esfolio hand cream comes in super cute peach packaging, is highly moisturising, and has a perfect sweet peach scent. It’s made with shea butter, peach fruit extract & beeswax.

Note: only available in the Bellini box

Retail Value: $12

Petit Makeup Brush Set

Perfect for travel & on-the-go makeup looks, this petit brush set makes a useful addition to anyone’s collection. They’re an adorable pastel pink shade with super soft brush fibers. 

Note: only available in the Bellini box

Retail Value: $10


Do you have a favorite item from this month?

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